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03:44pm 11/03/2004
  My sister and I sat in the living room and voted for John-Peter Lewis for like an hour after the show. We must have voted at least 100 times between the two of us. He was so adorable singing that Elvis song! I was at the movies when it was on last night, so my sister text messaged me during the movie to tell me that he made it through. I was so excited!  
10:18pm 10/03/2004
  Hey I just joined because I love JPL and have loved him since the first time he was on American Idol. I make graphics and whatnot so if you want anything of JPL you can IM me or just post onto this and I will make it within a couple of days. Thanks to everyone and I hope to make some people things.  
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Idols Go Wild! 
06:44pm 29/02/2004
mood: hopeful
Well I just got an e-mail with some American Idol Wild Card news!

10 of the 12 American Idol 3 Wild Cards!Collapse )
10:33pm 13/02/2004
mood: thirsty
I love Jon so much! I love his auditon! Why was he in Hawii? He doesnt have the persnality of a mouse. Lol. I love my pens sellsmen!
04:12pm 06/02/2004
mood: anxious
Hey! I just joined ;) I dunno who she is, but I LOVE JPL! I'm just now getting around to doing in-depth research about him; so if anyone wants to spare me and send some info my way, it'd be greatly appreciated. I tend to do this a lot with current crushes... however, don't mistake me for a teeny girlie girl; I don't even think he's all that cute. *dodges rocks* But his personality and voice are a-m-a-z-i-n-g! And he damn sure ain't ugly!

Ok, enough blabbing. I'm off!
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Video Files! 
09:24am 06/02/2004
mood: cranky


Here are direct links to the new interviews up at the Idol site!

Jon-Peter Lewis

Elizabeth LeTendre

I tried to Record them but it's not working for some reason. But I can record them as Mp3!

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05:23pm 05/02/2004
  haha, this is community is so awesome. i've loved jon since they showed him sleeping during the auditions. i was like "Yeah, that guy's gonna be my favorite..." and sure enough, he's made it to the top 32!! :)

man, i feel like my intro post is so lame. oh well. last year i was able to attend a taping of AI, i'm trying really hard this year to attend again! waiting lists can be such a pain though, grr! i'm so impatient. heh.
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06:35pm 05/02/2004
mood: dorky
I'm SO in!! Ever since i saw his big smile and cute curly hair, and then heard his voice..and saw him dance...he's my favorite..sad thing is, i didn't even know his name, good thing you had a picture of him! lol i called him "my pen-salesmen" lmao...i also like marque lynch. i hope he makes it to the top 12!
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I'm in. 
01:43pm 05/02/2004
  I am hardcore American Idol this season. And the pen salesman is my favorite! He's so adorable. I'm glad there's a community about him.
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First Post 
01:39pm 05/02/2004
mood: dorky
Being the Moderator and I will make the first post!

Jon-Peter Lewis and Elizabeth LeTendre have made it into American Idol 3's top 32! Congratulations guys!!!
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